Physical Security Services

With rising crime rates, one of the more demanding challenges is security. Ensuring the safety of your premises and the personal safety of your staff is of paramount importance. We provide the best of industrial security possible, and with our long and broad experience in the security industry, we guarantee your safety and that of your company personnel, and the safety of your premises and valuable business assets, movable as well as fixed.

Each member of our security cadre is screened minutely and given intensive training in various security procedures, including fire drills and emergency handling and response. Your safety is of vital significance to us: so leave it in our expert hands and conduct your business with peace of mind!

Surveillance Services

There is no deterrent like surveillance to ensure the safety of your business assets, both from outside elements as well as internal pilferage. Our expert technicians ensure that even hard to reach places within your premises are covered by the gaze of the camera, and our security personnel guarantee that your workplace is under constant observation, so that at all times your valuable assets are always safe and secure.

We offer the very latest equipment that technology has to offer, in closed circuit television (CCTV) and digital video recording (DVR) technology for your security.