A clean and hygienic environment is a very critical component in the welfare of your staff. A clean working place ensures that the staff is both happy and more productive. The value of house cleaning services therefore cannot be underestimated.

Regardless of the type of cleaning involved, from dust to solid waste management, we have the required expertise to ensure that the ambiance of your workplace remains pleasant and germ-free at all times, while also minimizing the negative impact of waste on the environment. We provide the following maintenance services:

  1. AMC: (Annual Maintenance Contracts)

We realize that it makes financial sense for your company to have an annual contract for our services than a one-off brush with it. We therefore offer comprehensive and non-comprehensive Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMCs) for the benefits of our customers so that they have enough time to get a feel for the services that we provide. What’s more, we offer some great AMC deals. Please contact us or email us to know more about these cost-effective offers and the benefits that they offer for your business.


Proper sanitization is extremely essential for the health of your staff, and this vital function, that is, waste management, cannot be overlooked. We have high expertise in managing this important part of your staff’s needs. We take extreme care to ensure that at all times your staff has access to clean lobbies, dust-free desks, spotless computer terminals, unstained refrigerators and microwaves, empty trashcans, disinfected toilets, full soap dispensers, smudge-free mirrors, and so on. To this end, we use only the very best and high-quality consumables manufactured by reputed manufacturers like Unichem Ltd., Kleenol Ltd., and Hindustan Unilever Ltd.


Water is a vital part of human life, and ensuring clean and germ-free water is an indispensable life task in itself. Unfortunately, tank maintenance – which is an important part of your water supply chain – is often the most overlooked part of it. We offer tank-cleaning services as part of our service offerings to ensure that the water accessed by your staff is always clean and infection-free. You have multiple tank-cleaning options, ranging from half-yearly to monthly, to even fortnightly, depending on factors like your daily water consumption, tank capacity, and so forth.