Insects, mosquitoes, termites, rats or rodents, nobody likes infestation of these irritants on their premises, especially since they also serve as carriers of contagious and dangerous diseases.

We offer pest control services for controlling and eliminating these pests from your property using environment friendly means like herbal gels and oils wherever possible. Our assurance is that your work place remains pest- and disease-free at all times.


As your company grows, you require ever-greater expertise to manage all the important functions in your building as one complete and cohesive system. We provide trained operators to ensure seamless and smooth operations of your entire building at all times, and also to take care of your HVAC systems to ensure that your staff works in a comfortable ambience and regularly has access to temperature-controlled water.

Yet another important aspect of this functionality is ensuring efficient operation of your expensive equipment so that they work smoothly and utilize the most optimal amount of energy. Since energy is a premium resource, it makes financial sense to conserve it, thereby saving valuable rupees for your company.

Our dedicated and highly-trained service personnel maintain accurate records like service logs, checklists, and PPM activities charts to ensure that your company’s valuable resources are both, well-maintained, and used properly and optimally.


Your property is an expensive investment, and maintaining it is not just restricted to the insides like carpets and rest rooms, but also includes the outer face of your organization: your windows and the external façade, because that is the first sight of your organization that is seen by your clients.

And first impressions are lasting impressions. It is therefore important that your building’s façade is as flawlessly cleans the interiors of your office.

To this end, we have a team of expert façade cleaners to keep your office building sparklingly impressive and spotless.


Being green is not just about beauty, but also about being responsible towards the environment that we live in. We can help your organization go green by providing you with a range of horticultural services, including maintenance of your valuable plants and flora and planting of new trees.

Our first-rate horticulture team will advise you on the best choices of plants and trees to perfectly reflect the impression that you would want your visitors and associates to have of your organization.

We also have expert gardeners as part of our green team, who work under the expert supervision of our horticulture professionals to ensure that your green investments grow fast and help the environment in the deal!